Outfits From Instagram ~Nov. 2018~

Wow, I haven’t posted anything here on the blog in well over a month! I’ve had a crazy fall, so unfortunately that means fashion blogging hasn’t been a priority like I wish it could be. But I have posted over on Instagram a little and thought I would catch you up on those outfits 🙂

This post contains affiliate links. That just means that if you click the link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you 😉

Modest Casual Outfit Idea for Church//Denim Jacket//Black Tee//Red/Orange/Midi Skirt//Ankle Boots//Fall Style Inspiration//Cute//Modern//Simple//Pretty//Classy

This first outfit kind of came about last minute. Y’all may remember me telling you that I usually plan out outfits, but that sometimes I surprise myself and throw together a last minute outfit. That’s pretty much what happened here! But if you think that means I just threw this on first thing and walked out the door….I don’t have my life together *that* much, y’all! lol We won’t talk about how many things I had to try on before this came together *hides face in shame*. But I really liked how perfect this looked for fall!

Denim jacket: TJMaxx(similar)
Basic tee: TJMaxx
Midi skirt: Forever21(old)
Ankle boots: Belk(old)
Necklace: Borrowed

Modest Bridesmaid Dress with Sleeves//Red//Lace//Tulle//Elegant//Formal//Long//Winter Wedding

Okay, so I know this photo was totally unexpected because it’s not exactly an outfit of the day. But I just recently shared this dress on Instagram, even though the wedding I was in was back in January! I looked *everywhere* for a dress and started to think I wasn’t even going to be able to be in the wedding…haha!(let’s just laugh as if I didn’t actually think something that crazy…yeah, not me…of course not!)

Modest Bridesmaid Dress with Sleeves//Red//Lace//Tulle//Elegant//Formal//Long//Winter Wedding

Even though it was a big, long process just to get a dress, I absolutely never regret staying true to my modesty standards and am not complaining. Sometimes dressing modestly might be a little “inconvenient” but it is always worth it, girls! And I absolutely loved being in the wedding, and everything turned out so beautiful. And isn’t the bride just the prettiest? She did such a good job with the colors!

Modest Dressy Casual Outfit Idea for Church//Red and Black Buffalo Plaid Dress//Cowboy Boots//Fall/Winter Style Inspiration//Christmas//Simple//Comfy//Country//Pretty//Feminine//Modern//

Now back to a “normal” outfit! A friend told me about this dress from Walmart, and my local Walmart just happened to have them too! So of course I got one and wore it for Christmas photos! It worked out perfectly because I couldn’t come up with anything from my closet and then this dress was just “it”(I can’t exactly explain was “it” is..haha!)

Dress: Walmart
Cowboy boots: Thrifted

And if you’re following me on Instagram, I’m giving away one just like this!

Well, that’s all for now! If any of you girls have ever been in a wedding(or even your own wedding!), I’d love to hear how/where you found your dress!

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  1. whatdinnywore says:

    Love the gingham dress! It’s so adorable! I have not personally been in a wedding, but I was a guest at a lovely one this fall. The bridesmaids had super cute tan dresses with gathered waists embellished with lace. When I asked, they told me that they had purchased the dresses first and added lace at the waist afterward. What a clever idea! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Claudine! So many people have been entering to win it on Instagram, and that took me by surprise! I have heard of so many people making changes to their dresses, whether it’s for modesty purposes or just personal preferences. I think that’s so neat! That’s why I wish I could sew lol

      Liked by 1 person

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